The OPTIMI Consortium


In order to provide a multi sensor, multi factor based approach to early identification of mentall illness, OPTIMI combines the expertise of leading researchers in the field, with high technology implementation partners and partners with existing CBT treatments.
Only in this way can the consortium ensure all aspects of the work are adequately covered.

logo_everis A major player in the European Software services market, EVERIS supplies integrated health care solutions based on state of the art software applications such as innovative web services. As such they understand how to build real life systems for real life deployment and have significant EU project Coordination experience
ETHZ ETHZ combines embedded systems expertise, with wearable computer and sensor expertise, ECG stress waveform analysis and activity gestural recognition technologies. This partner will ensure that both hardware sensor and embedded software algorithmic demands of OPTIMI may be adequately addressed.
logo UJI With many years of Psychology experience in mental disorder treatment using conventional methods as well as electronic sensors, virtual reality and CCBT, UJI has a firm understanding of the CCBT framework and how it can be adapted to preventative treatments. UVI will also make its ETIOBE CCBT system available to OPTIMI for augmentation in preventative treatment.
logo LZU China’s mental health problems are as problematic as those of the EU. LZU is as the fore front of research into mental disorders in China with work in EEG processing and ongoing research into preventative treatments. LZU is uniquely positioned to provide OPTIMI with extremely relevant trials facilities and volunteers. LZU also has key EEG processing know how for exploitation in OPTIMI.
UOZ The Psychiatric Department of UOZ has remarkable research in voice analysis for both German and English speakers confirming the link between manic depression and schizophrenia and voice patterns. The methodology offers a way forward to predict the illnesses before they become fully established
MAS MAS has developed proven ergonomic and wearable technologies for all the sensor requirements of OPTIMI. Since the OPTIMI project will require a large number of sensors, this partner provides the means to realise this at a cost that will not over stretch the financial budget on hardware.
logo UKLFR Possibly the most important factor in the prediction process will be the sleep quality of the subject. FRE is an expert in the field of sleep quality related to depression and its development as an illness. The partner will not only bring to the consortium this experience but will also fuse other sources of prediction data thanks to their knowledge of the domain
Labhuman LAH has unique skills in software development of CCBT applications supported with both mobile PDA technologies as well as physiological sensors. They will be invaluable to develop the ETIOBE extension and the OPTIMI central system.
Ultrasis Logo CCBT for depression is now used in the UK extensively and the product of choice is Beating the Blues from ULT. ULT will help augment their software application, approved by NICE, integrate the OPTIMI system and develop new CBT treatments to provide the preventative treatments for depression.
Xiwrite With a wealth of experience in EU projects XIW will provide a day to day management activity support to the coordinator as well as leverage its knowledge of the health services market and academia to steer the exploitation plans and dissemination of the project.
 Bristol The role of CORTISOL as a biological marker for stress is of great significance if, in the future, high risk individuals (for depression) must be closely monitored for stress. BRI offer the route towards a lightly invasive technique for body fluid measurements that provide 24/7 CORTISOL analysis at the resolution down to samples every 10 minutes. In OPTIMI this work will provide both a means to calibrate other sensors as well as develop a innovative sensor in its own right



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